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Skin Care Centre of Cairns - Environ® Stockist Sun protection like no other. Environ® took all of the nasty chemicals out of the equation whilst formulating their Sun Care range. The result was the development of two specialist products which protect the skin from the sun in a gentle, healthy way.

Environ® Alpha Hydroxy Day Lotion provides SPF15 sun protection through a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs), sunscreens and reflectants.

Environ® RAD sunscreen is a sun protection cream. The specialist formulation which combines sun filters, sun reflectants, antioxidants and vitamins, delivers SPF 15 protection whilst assisting in fighting free-radicals.

To find out more about the Environ® Sun Care range and how it can benefit your skin, or to purchase Environ® Sun Care products, call Paivi on (07) 4051 3087.

For more information about this product contact the Skin Care Centre of Cairns 07 4051 3087

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